Monday, September 2, 2013

Learn to Fly

Burn the birds
Burn them now
Use our fire, breath fear on their wings.
We gulp down lies and simplifications
Like petrol
Spit it out. Circus jerks.
“Here we are now, entertain us.”
My vote for you protects my perks:
Islamic racists loving mini-skirts.
Burn the birds
Let’s wipe the sky with tongues of flame
Keep them out. The old, the young, the lame.
We love a sun-fun country
A lad of chefs and sushi trains.
To many fuckers, too many fish with feathers.
Call the monk. Club and crucifix.
Burn the birds. They have no name.
Perks. Jerks. Soon we’ll all be running
Bad weather is coming.
Hide the money from our children.
Down in Antarctica among the last stones
Someone called The Leader can explain
Why it was we ate tomorrow.
Bird bones in our throats. No brains.

- Mark Mordue