Monday, November 19, 2007

We Ride Like Birds

We ride like birds
our heads are feathers
our face is blood
our thoughts are weather

we lay in sky
we talk like songs
our plans in darkness
can float like swans

our friends are branches
our loves are leaves
we pray for moonlight
the wind it breathes

we’re black in snowfall
we’re death and laughter
we scavenge silver
have seen here after

our dreams are mothers
our tracks are smoke
we whisper children
we smell their hope

the love of fathers
the hunting crows
the silent heavens
the rain that blows

we know this somewhere
we know this flight
we sleep in maps
and eat the night

we ride like birds
we’re death and laughter
our heads are feathers
our tracks are smoke

- Mark Mordue

* Above image 'Crow on a branch' by Maruyama Kyo (1733-1795)


Sam Webster said...

Hey Mark - wow it's been a long time. almost 4 years now since you started teaching a much younger and much much more naive me writing.

I found your blog because I was in Camilla Nelson's office today and she had it up on the screen, so I decided to look it up when I get home.

I have my own (it will hopefully be more regularly starting from today now that my Honours Thesis has been submitted) at if you're interested.

We'll have to catch up now that the BA Communications is all said and done for me.

Looking forward to following your work avidly,

Dean said...

"we smell their hope"

A fab line - xtremely evocative. Just sneaks in there unawares and BANG.

Didn't like the rhyming scheme (lns 2 & 4, with the exception of the final stanza) at first but it grows on you.